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『Insung Medical Establishes New Joint Venture Factory with “Palma, India”』 Signing Ceremony

21 Dec 2023

Insung Medical Co., Ltd., located in Wonju Enterprise City, Gangwon-do, signed a joint venture signing ceremony with Indonesian state-owned pharmaceutical company PT.Indofarma to establish a new medical device consumables factory at the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 29 was held. Insung Medical is a medical device company that produces and sells medical catheters and infusion sets and boasts a 33-year history. Insung Medical is pursuing a joint venture in the production of silicone products with the state-run Indofarma by transferring technology to target the Indonesian domestic market, which relies on imports for about 90% of total demand due to Indonesia's relatively underdeveloped medical device industry. did.
Indonesia, a latecomer in the medical field, showed great interest and expectations in this joint venture and promised to provide full support at the government level.

Insung Medical Chairman Song Wyeong, who served as the chairman of the Korea Medical Device Industry Association, is focusing on developing new products, pioneering overseas markets, and expanding exports. All employees and shareholders are working together with the goal of growing into the world's best company in the medical device consumables field beyond Korea. The goal is to work together to grow into a sound, honest, and trusted large corporation and make it a national company. Insung Medical’s global expansion is blue.

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