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『Wonju Enterprise City Completion Ceremony』 Ceremony

21 Dec 2023

Wonju City, Gangwon-do and Wonju Enterprise City Co., Ltd. are jointly building an area of approximately 5.29 million m2 in Jeongji-myeon and Hojeo-myeon of Wonju City. The knowledge-based enterprise city, which is being promoted as a self-sufficient complex district, will begin with the completion ceremony on November 6, taking the leap forward that Wonju City dreams of by reaching 500,000 Wonju City. is foreshadowing.
The recently completed Wonju Enterprise City was promoted with a total project cost of 520.2 billion won, targeting a population of 31,788 people and 12,715 households.
After the first phase of 600,000 pyeong of knowledge industrial land was completed in August 2015, the second phase of 110,000 pyeong of single-family and commercial land was completed in 2017, and the third phase of 280,000 pyeong of single-family apartment complex was completed in February 2018. Currently, the company moving in is expected to employ 1,745 people in an area of 119,747 pyeong, and when the six lots under construction on a 28,667-pyeong site are completed, the number of employees will increase by 224.

Currently, there are 9 companies in the medical device field (as of October 28), including Insung Medical, MCC, Nuga Medical, and Vatech Korea, and 8 pharmaceutical companies, including Jinyang Pharmaceutical and Samick Pharmaceutical, have moved in. 14 general manufacturing companies including Neoflam, Sungwoo NB Tech, 4 food companies including Leaders Food, Seoul F&B, Seolseong Food, and Golden F&B, and 2 clothing companies including Apple Lined and Schick moved in.

There are a total of 50 companies, including three companies including K-Top Solutions, a computer facility management company, Cheonsoo of solar power generation system, and Korea Midland Power Company.
Meanwhile, the recently completed Wonju Enterprise City was selected as a Wonju Enterprise City pilot project by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs following the enactment of the Special Act on Enterprise City Development in 2004. In line with the government's 'National Balanced Development' policy, the creation of a self-sufficient city will contribute to regional development and national development. It was a project to increase competitiveness and was completed after 15 years.
In addition, the KTX, which connects the metropolitan area, and the Gyeonggang Line, a double-track railway between Pangyo and Yeoju, are scheduled to be extended to Seowonju Station in 2021, so they are expected to become two major arteries that will lead the city of Wonju, which has a population of 500,000, along with the Wonju Innovation City District. However, issues that still need to be addressed in the future include the remaining unsold properties, transportation issues connecting to the central area and subway areas, and the fact that the local economic cycle is not as strong as expected following the relocation of public enterprises. Reporter Seo Jeong-wook

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