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『Insung Medical, a medical device company, inaugurated Song Jun-ho as new CEO』

21 Dec 2023

Insung Medical, a medical device company, inaugurated Song Joon-ho as its new CEO. “We will take the lead in domestic production.”


<CEO Song Jun-ho>

Inseg Medical Co., Ltd., a medical device company, announced on the 10th that it had changed its CEO from Chairman Song In-geum to CEO Song Jun-ho as of June 1.
The reason for the change is for the founder, Chairman Song In-geum, to lay a full-fledged management foundation for the second generation.

CEO Song Jun-ho said in his inauguration speech, “Insung Medical plans to focus its capabilities not only on existing domestic sales but also on global business as a whole,” adding, “We will continue the will of our predecessors.”
“We will do our best together with all of our executives and employees to become a global company through generous investment in research and development,” he said.
To this end, CEO Song said, “We have signed business agreements and technology transfer contracts with Asan Medical Center, Sinchon Severance, International St. Mary’s Hospital, and the National Cancer Center to conduct joint research on medical devices.”
He emphasized that it is in progress.

CEO Song said, “Insung Medical is a leading company in the domestic production of professional medical devices and is developing new products through generous investment in research and development with the goal of customer satisfaction.
“We must lead innovation,” he said, adding, “We will lead the market as a long-lived company that will last 100 years and a global company.”

In addition, Representative Song said, “The practice of using low-cost imported medical devices should not be neglected,” and added, “We need to improve the system so that support measures can be prepared at the government level.”
He added that he will continue to work hard.

Lastly, CEO Song said, “Since its founding in 1993, Insung Medical has been striving to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality medical device consumables at the optimal price.” He added, “‘A necessary person,’ ‘the best employee,’ and ‘humble human being.’ “Based on our company motto, we will listen to the voices of consumers and do our best to develop and manufacture products that can elicit trust,” he said.

Insung Medical started as Insung Trading in 1984 and was converted to the current Insung Medical in 1994, and is growing into a medical device consumables company.
Currently, we are expanding our factory and aiming for a stock listing.

Reporter Jo Eunah

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