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『 “Insung Medical, invests huge amounts in R&D 』Leading in the domestic production of medical devices

21 Dec 2023

|Medical Times Reporter Jeong Hee-seok|

'Insung Medical' (CEO Song Jun-ho), a participating company in the '5th International Hospital & Medical Industry Fair' (K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2018), which will open at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul on the 8th, is conducting joint development of new products with a tertiary general hospital, leading to medical development. We are accelerating the local production of devices.

Insung Medical invests 10% of its sales in research and development and is concentrating its capabilities on upgrading existing products and developing new products through research centers in Daegu and Wonju. As a result, a new product is scheduled to be launched in the second half of this year.

‘V-Port’, which was commercialized after receiving technology transfer from the National Cancer Center, is used to administer anticancer drugs through the ventricle of patients with meningeal carcinomatosis and administer cerebrospinal fluid. Insung Medical, a treatment material used for patients in need of drainage, is also developing new products related to obesity in collaboration with Asan Medical Center in Seoul.

Along with the development of new products, we are accelerating the expansion of production in the domestic market and entry into overseas markets.
Insung Medical increased production by expanding the existing Wonju factory and signed a business agreement with Palma, India, a state-owned pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, laying the foundation for expansion into overseas markets and visualizing the establishment of an overseas factory.

Song Jun-ho, CEO of Insung Medical, said, “We will lead innovation with the development of new products through generous investment in research and development with the goal of localizing professional medical devices and customer satisfaction.”
He added, “We are taking steps one by one to become a global company while solidifying the domestic market,” and expressed confidence that “the company’s growth rate will accelerate further in the future.”

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